Feminine, flirty, whimsical and versatile are just a few words to describe Ooshie by Melissia Hill. Founded in New York City in 2013 by Melissia, her collections stem from a blend of vibrant prints and luxurious fabrics. This ready to wear dress collection adds a touch of flair and fantasy to everyday life. Ooshie is created for the woman who personifies style and the elegance of being a woman. 

Ooshie is excited to provide women with more than just a radiant dress collection, but also, a lifestyle that values intelligence and individuality.

Melissia Hill, was born in Stuttgart, Germany and raised in Los Angeles, California. Melissia credits her design aesthetics to her extensive travel. 

Now living in New York, Melissia is admired for her personal style and radiance, which she credits to her positive lifestyle. She strongly believes that the essence of style and beauty starts with your attitude, clothes just enhance what is already there." When you feel good, you look good! "

Passionate about life, Melissia is focused and dedicated to her vision for Ooshie, which is to invite women to celebrate their femininity, sexuality and power.


Heart & Soul

NY Fashion Designer Intuit Magazine